Love Connection by Meghana Sarathy

51qatcfevulIf you picked up Love Connection and only read the first chapter or two, you would be forgiven for thinking that this book is erotica. I promise it does get better. Love Connection follows the story of Brandon and Jennifer, friends who have known each other since college and are cheating on their respective partners with each other. Despite the cheesy nicknames and numerous sex scenes, the story itself is actually more than just erotic fiction. It explores the characters quite well, and outlines their confusions and motivations and has a fairly well constructed plot line.

However, I did wonder about the setting, although Sarathy states in the book that the characters are buzzing around San Francisco, yet… I just couldn’t imagine it. There was no mention of the hills, the morning fog, the bay, the Golden Gate bridge or even trams/street cars. Even if when visiting a restaurant had the characters mentioned the melting pot of cuisine along Chestnut Street, this may have helped me get there, but they didn’t, and I didn’t. Instead I got a distinctly Asian city feel throughout the story with traffic congestion and a flatness to the scenery. This is something that I feel Sarathy could work on.

What I really struggled with though was the editing. I really believe that Sarathy could have benefited from a UK or US English editor. A lot of the writing I felt was a bit more difficult to read due to the language used not quite gelling with what I expected for example one of the characters states:

It obviously mean that you can’t discuss about this even with Jordan. He works in the same business and I can’t risk my ideas to be stolen by him”

I feel this could have read a lot better had it been written as follows “Obviously, You can’t talk about this with anyone, not even Jordan, as I can’t risk my ideas being stolen by him”, although I did find it better towards the end as I got used to reading it for the story and trying to ignore the editing.

Overall I think this was a courageous attempt at a first book and Sarathy should be commended for that. She plans to release another nine books in the series so clearly she is a very creative person with a story to tell.

Rating: 3/5

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Bookworm conducting the review: Rachel


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