The Strangers We Know by R.M. Mulkey

I love it when a story gives a great description and you can actually picture the scene and this is precisely what Mulkey has managed well in this book, for example: “Rylee took great pleasure in the way it felt unlocking the heavy oak door to her studio that was her gallery, workshop and home, Rylee’s Treasures. Whiskey potting barrels sat on the sidewalk at either side of the entrance. Each barrel overfilled with rosemary and peonies. Wisteria crawled across the walls of the brick building, purple flowers framing the dark threshold and large windows.”

Realistic emotions. Fast Paced Action and suspense. The Strangers We Know had it all and then some. The story itself was faced paced and intriguing with a great plot and all the elements I expect from a mystery/thriller novel and I think this is part of the reason I really enjoyed it.

The story follows the characters Rylee Whitmore and Jared Wolfe and is told from both perspectives. Sometimes this can come across as a bit condescending, but in this case it’s not. It’s a crucial and interesting way to keep the mystery.

I felt this book was well worth the read. It’s got well developed characters, an excellent plot, it’s edited superbly and has an excellent air of mystery and suspense right until the end. I love mysteries, and if you do to, I would highly recommend this one.

To read more about the book you can visit R. M. Mulkey’s website here, or you could just trust me and buy The Strangers We Know on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Rating: 4/5

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